Our Story

Unfortunately most foods these days contain ingredients which are overly processed, refined or manufactured in a plant.

Most sweets and snacks are loaded with sugar, sweeteners, refined flours and artificial ingredients…..all designed to please your palate. Unfortunately these cause havoc on your health!

On the contrary, our ingredients are minimally or not processed at all, mostly wholefoods, and entirely derived from plants!

Our mission is very simple….to bring to market small sweets and snacks made from real ingredients.

Our choice of sweetener is whole fruit. We firmly believe this is nature’s candy.

And we believe the creator of this universe meant for us to consume the produce hanging from a tree, instead of sucking the blood from it! This is effectively what you’re doing when you consume natural sweeteners like maple syrup, coconut sugar etc.

Fruit not only provides sweetness, but also fibre to help keep you regular and prevent sugar spikes. It’s also chock a block full of a vast array of nutrients.

We want consumers to be able to obtain bliss balls which are genuinely healthy, affordable and taste delicious.

The Rawesome Kitchen is delighted and proud to offer products which truly can be eaten guilt free!